Meet the Maker

#marchmeetthemaker   Have you heard of it?

It is a campaign on Instagram that was created by a wonderful maker called Joanne Hawker to bring more awareness to handmade business and to makers… I’ve just discovered it myself and am loving being a part of it. There’s a prompt for every day in March that we all speak to, yesterday was all about “How we got started”. 

Here is my contribution:

This movement on Instagram is a really big deal for a lot of reasons, not only because it has given me a focus for the month for insta posts (hoorah!) but also because it has gotten a lot of people to thinking about things that don’t usually enter our head… such as how much handmade business brings to the economy, and how many makers are out there, and how many ways there are to be creative (I really had no idea how creative we all are!).

Because I’m a potter and ADORE wearing handmade jewelry, I tend to lean toward thinking only about clay or sketching or metalsmithing when I think about creativity. Holy smokes, is that narrow minded!

In your free time this month (and if you’re on Instagram) I urge you to check out the #marchmeetthemaker movement happening over there and follow our posts too, click here to find Studio Manager and I in InstaLand.

Until later, alligator.