Through form and surface treatment, Avesha’s work reflects a life-long enchantment with the ocean and rocky beaches of Maine, where she grew up. In Scotland, where she lives now, the enchantment continues. Avesha’s work brings together this deep love for the sea and a sense of whimsy into a piece of artwork for your hands.

Avesha makes her work out of soft slabs of individually textured, red, mid-range clay. Building pots with slabs requires a conscious slowing down of the making process in order to examine every angle, curve, foot and rim. No aspect is taken for granted, making every element of every vessel a considered choice. That consideration results in functional ceramic work which calls out to be held and offers space for mindful moments of self-care. Those moments enrich daily life and add up to a life well-lived.

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Wave Ware Nesting Bowls