Top Tip #2 : Mental Health Awareness Month

Okay, so this one may seem totally silly and super boring, but it really is at the foundation of mental and emotional health.

Are you ready for it?

Top tip #2 is… let yourself have your feelings.

We are told so often to “buck up & get on with it”. The majority culture would have us believe that experiencing our feelings makes us weak, so we try and try to bypass our actual feelings in order to get on with life and those feelings get stuck.

Or they turn into other things like chronic illness, explosive anger problems, depression, anxiety, etc.

Our feelings are energy and like all forms of energy when they get stuck they cause problems, your feelings need dealt with and directed in order to be released so you can get on with life free of that potentially destructive blockage of feelings… well, free-ish, this stuff does take work and isn’t usually done in a one-off, but is SO worth the extra effort!

There are many places locally, on-line and in-person to get help and instruction for how to feel your feelings, name them, and let them flow through you. Whether you are interested in one to one counselling, groupwork or simple worksheets and instructional videos the resources are there at your fingertips 👇👇👇

At the core of all of this work is the act of simply giving yourself permission to have your feelings and then the space to feel them before moving on to the next thing. Give it it a try the next time you’re having a difficult or a happy moment (we struggle with joy too sometimes, you know), give yourself 10 minutes to cry, sob, punch a pillow, celebrate a success, dance or whatever it is that fits with what is happening for you. 10 minutes can be transformative!


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