Upcoming Events & a Giveaway, woohoo!!

Nesting Bowls

2020 has started off with a bang here at the pottery, in a good way.

I’m happy to say that my self-care journey is solidifying into a meaningful morning breathing and yoga practice that (when I do it, which is most days, to be honest) seems to be setting me up for a day with my body and health in my frame of reference rather than totally forgotten… so, that’s cool! I’ve also been keeping up with a nightly gratitude practice that has radically shifted my nighttime routine in a positive way… all good things!

The 3rd key to keeping a focus on self-care this year is not overwhelming my calendar with events, so I’ve very carefully curated (along with a day job) a year of a few big events to work toward.

The first is Potfest Scotland at Scone Palace. I went for the first time last year and am so excited to have been chosen to participate this year, please do come say hello if you decide to make a day of it, click the photo below for details. I’d love to see you!

Also, if you’re on Instagram, I am celebrating our growing pottery follower family with a giveaway of this fabulous mug.

Keep an eye out on March 1st when the giveaway starts, it is sure to be a lot of fun!

Until next time, Avesha.

I’m baaaack… and all the things are happening!

Ohmygosh, you guys, the rest of my vacation in Maine was indescribably wonderful- I got to connect with so many friends I haven’t seen in person in AGES and I got to go to some of my most favorite places that I haven’t visited in AGES.

Truly, it was a wonderful 5 week adventure, I wish every vacation could be as long and as rejuvenating.

Anyway, I’m back now and in my usual form, I’ve hit the ground running(ish)… the jetlag kicked my butt this trip, maybe it’s more truthful to say that I’ve hit the ground jogging… or power walking?

Anyway, This coming week brings two REALLY fun things that I wanted to share with you.

First, remember in my last post I told you about a mug joining me on my Maine adventures and that I’d be giving it away when I returned to Scotland??? Well, giveaway time is here!

Mug at Schoodic Point in Bar Harbor, Maine… this seagull hung out with us for 15 minutes!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is visit one or both of these posts on Instagram or Facebook and join the fun. Good luck!

The second thing happening this week is “A Winter Warmer” opens, woot! This exhibition will include pottery by moi, creative baking by Liz of Litty’s Larder, glass work by Mary Frith and mixed media work by Carol Duff.

All of this artwork will be complimented by warm cups of mulled wine, tea or coffee and comfy woodstove fires to warm the cockles. If you’re local please do pop in and say hello, it would be so wonderful to see you!

Here are the details:

That’s it for now. See you soon!



Left to Right: Raw clay (“greenware”), Bisqued clay, Glazed clay.

Did you know that clay shrinks as it dries and goes through each firing???

This particular clay (that I adore) has a rather shocking 14% shrinkage rate… which means a lot of math and forward planning to get the right sized mug.

Not the worst thing in the world, but to this math-impaired person it creates some headaches… quite literally.

It’s worth it though ❤

Look at that gorgeous, rich clay coming through the glaze… it’s worth every, math headache, every, single one.