Upcoming Events & a Giveaway, woohoo!!

Nesting Bowls

2020 has started off with a bang here at the pottery, in a good way.

I’m happy to say that my self-care journey is solidifying into a meaningful morning breathing and yoga practice that (when I do it, which is most days, to be honest) seems to be setting me up for a day with my body and health in my frame of reference rather than totally forgotten… so, that’s cool! I’ve also been keeping up with a nightly gratitude practice that has radically shifted my nighttime routine in a positive way… all good things!

The 3rd key to keeping a focus on self-care this year is not overwhelming my calendar with events, so I’ve very carefully curated (along with a day job) a year of a few big events to work toward.

The first is Potfest Scotland at Scone Palace. I went for the first time last year and am so excited to have been chosen to participate this year, please do come say hello if you decide to make a day of it, click the photo below for details. I’d love to see you!

Also, if you’re on Instagram, I am celebrating our growing pottery follower family with a giveaway of this fabulous mug.

Keep an eye out on March 1st when the giveaway starts, it is sure to be a lot of fun!

Until next time, Avesha.