Artist CV & Statement

Avesha DeWolfe’s pots are the sea captured in vessel form.

Growing up in coastal Maine and now living in coastal Scotland, Avesha has an intimate understanding of and adoration for the sea. Her hand-built vessels suggest the textures and movement of the great salt waters and their inhabitants in a playful and admiring way. Her hand and slab-building process are evident in every piece, the fingerprints left in clay by the artist echoing the formations of coral, mussels, and other living things that leave their stamp in ocean habitats, as well as the elemental push and pull of the tides shaping the coastline and seafloor.

The forms of her vessels sing with the music of the currents and the waves. The glaze hues of seafoam green and water blue layer over dark red stoneware and speak of the depths of the deep. The crystals gathering in the glaze could be tiny living things or schools of fish or bubbles or specks of light -a myriad of beautiful, tiny details that gather into their emergent properties to form the grandness of nature.

Avesha can be contacted at [email protected]