Spiral Tide Pottery is for the lifelong ocean lover, it’s the sea captured in vessel form. 

Spiral Tide Pottery brings you high-quality, ocean-inspired wares that encourage you to slow down and take a moment for yourself. 

Every moment you sit down to a cup of coffee or enjoy a meal from a piece of handmade pottery enriches your day and adds up to a life well-lived.



About the Work

All Spiral Tide Pottery work is hand constructed out of soft slabs of individually

textured, stoneware clay. 

Building pots this way requires mindfulness and an active slowing down of the mind in order to be able to examine every angle, curve, foot and rim.  Nothing in the process of making a pot is taken for granted, every element of every piece is a considered choice. That consideration creates pottery which calls out to be held and offers space for mindfulness and self-care. 

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About the Artist

Hello, my name is Avesha DeWolfe.

I’ve had my hands in clay since I was 10, it is a part of me now. As a life-long ocean lover, clay provides a way to pay homage and respect to my inspiration and the place that refuels me. Through form and surface treatment, my work reflects an enchantment with the ocean and rocky coastlines of Maine where I grew up. Here on the West coast of Scotland, where I live now, my work continues to bring together my deep love of the ocean and a sense of whimsy into a piece of artwork for your hands.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Functional and Sculptural Ceramics from Maine College of Art, Portland, ME and a Master of Clinical Social Work from the University of New England, Portland, ME. I now live and work in Scotland, as a social worker as well as a studio artist and show my work nationally in the UK and internationally.

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